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Workout with Tom House and the NPA Experts

Tom House, NPA founder and former pitching coach for several Major League Baseball teams, has been introducing innovative techniques since working with Nolan Ryan in the mid-1980's. House and the NPA have helped countless athletes improve their skills, avoid injuries and prolong their careers. The NPA works with athletes and coaches who are serious about making every pitch count. Through our individualized workouts, programs and clinics, we'll take you from good to great.
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NPA Founder Tom House
has helped countless pitchers and football quarterbacks - including Nolan Ryan, Randy Johnson, Tom Brady and Drew Brees - take their game to new levels. Video courtesy of Grantland.
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New Velocity Bats!

A new patented protocol to increase velocity and swing speed!

The NPA has recently developed an additional way to increase throwing velocity and bat speed safely and effectively.  Expanding on research from the Rod Dedeaux Research & Baseball Institute (RDRBI) and in collaboration with the Titleist Performance Institute, we have tested and developed this patented training protocol which increases rotational strength and speed. Within weeks you will be throwing harder and swinging faster.  For more information and to purchase online visit our partner site VelocityBat.com.
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Learn from NPA Founder Tom House Online

The NPA and Sports Video Partners have joined forces to create online courses so you can learn the latest and best pitching techniques from NPA Founder Tom House.

Register for a one-year membership and gain access to videos focused on specific topics including "Arm Care & Recovery," "Total Pitcher Performance" and more.

This is an amazing opportunity to learn from the best pitching coach at your own pace, from wherever you are. For more details, please visit Sports Video Partners.
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The Velocity Plus Program

Our best-selling program. Watch the video to see how it has changed careers and lives.

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Our DVDs & Books

Learn from Tom House and the NPA Experts at your own pace.

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Our App

The next best thing to working out with us. Optimized for the iPhone and the iPad.

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Thanks to hard work and a little luck, I was fortunate enough to play professional baseball at the Major League level. One of those years, I even managed to win a World Series Championship. Looking back, I know I could not have done all this without Tom House and the NPA. After college, my arm was in bad shape. I seriously questioned my future in baseball. However, thanks to the insight I gained from working with Tom and the NPA, I managed to achieve a level of success I never thought possible. I still use the techniques and understanding gained from them to this day. Tom and the NPA gave me a chance at my life-long dream: a future in the sport I love. 
Anthony Reyes,  MLB pitcher 
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