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$699.95 for 1 year

Our bundle package offers you unlimited access on the training videos plus our essential training product sets with the best value price.

  • Membership to the virtual national pitching program with unlimited training videos
  • Access the video anywhere and anytime
  • The training products includes: The Original Velocity Bats Kit, Velocity and Arm Care Balls, Ergo Crip Cords and National Pitching Training Towel
  • 10% discount on all the training products and pitching clinics

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The Ultimate Membership is for our Elite and Professional clients and gives you access to everything online as well as our fitness app which gives you daily drills and exercises to reach your goal.

You will have access to a library of training videos for workouts, drills, strength training, and pitcher-specific information. With our instructional and informative videos, you can start fine-tuning your skills anywhere you are and at any time.

We also include The Original Velocity Bats Kit, Velocity and Arm Care Balls, Ergo Grip Cords and NPA Training Towel.

Here is what you get.

  • Access to video library.
  • Access to basic fitness app for free including 3 block warmup + Joint Integrity.
  • 10% off products and camps Fitness app + Joint integrity + Nutrition available.
  • Coaching Slack channel
  • All Fitness programs are free except the custom programs of $99 and $349
  • The Original Velocity Bats Kit
  • Velocity and Arm Care Balls
  • Ergo Grip Cords
  • NPA Training Towel
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