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The PIT input and output has come a long way! I reviewed it this morning… what an AWESOME tool! This new format is sooo much more informative and detailed. I love the SCIENCE that goes into the NPA program. I think for the first time the information will actually be useful to Preston and help him to see WHY we keep pushing him to put in the extra work. I am hoping he will make the correlation between the velocity training tools (vballs, vbats, cords, plyoball, dumbbells, etc.), the block training, and drills and why he is OFF GOAL for lack of his individual training. I also think it will be good for him to see FAIL! I am hoping that a switch will turn on in his brain as he realizes that to be ON GOAL with no FAILS he has to buy into the program and put in the work! Anyway, I could go on but suffice it to say… I think spending the money for this information is the best money that could be spent by the serious pitcher that wants to get the most out of his ability! Looking forward to reviewing this with you next week.

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