We came to coach Christenson to help with our 11 year olds control. Coach Christenson took time to do video analysis to identify mechanics for him to work on. Immediately coach Christenson developed a great relationship with our son. Our son understood right away that coach Christenson cared about him improving and truly was committed to helping him get better. Coach Christenson identified three areas to focus on each week and each week our son became more confident on the mound . By the end of the six sessions our son was 100% more confident and showed amazing improvement. We plan to continue to utilize coach Christenson’s coaching services and look forward to our son developing more confidence and advanced pitching skills. As a parent I appreciate the follow-up after each session and availability for any questions we had at any time. Coach Christenson responds immediately to our email or phone messages. We would recommend coach Christenson to anyone looking for help improving their child’s pitching skills.

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