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Dr. House’s knowledge of throwing mechanics and arm care, based on scientific fact from decades of research, is unsurpassed. He has spent a lifetime with the greatest minds and players of our era and his impact and influence on the game is remarkable. Today, through Tom House Sports and The National Pitching Association (NPA), his training protocols are used by the most elite world class rotational athletes in the world. The NPA is the Gold Standard when it comes to throwing and is an integral part of our program here at Sonoma State. With the epidemic of arm injuries in young ballplayers and the proliferation of and extended seasons of play, proper mechanics and arm care have never been more important. I applaud the NPA’s efforts to broaden the availability of their training and encourage all baseball organizations to make it part of their program. I feel blessed for the time Tom has spent with me and the players in our program. His tireless dedication and thirst for knowledge has made Dr. House a living legend in our game.

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