My son has attended a number of pitching camps “across the river” and not one of the instructors talked about arm care. With my son starting traveling baseball, I began looking for someone to teach him how to keep his arm healthy. That’s when I found Ryan Christenson. Our discussions started with the Velocity Program. Ryan talked about the research and science behind the Velocity Program. I wasn’t looking for something to make my son throw harder, I was looking for something to keep his arm healthy. And that’s exactly what this program does. Ryan has taught my son the proper way to warm up, provided drills to work on for proper pitching mechanics, along with the individualized velocity program. Ryan is providing my son with, as he puts it, “tools for his tool box”. Ryan’s ability to work with young athletes is outstanding. His use of cutting edge technology and providing feedback to the athlete in a way they understand is amazing.

Ryan is always available for questions at any time. He shows the athlete and parent that he truly cares. I am truly pleased with the strides my son has made, not only in his mechanics and his overall arm strength, but most importantly, his ability to stay healthy! I would highly recommend Ryan to any parent looking for help with their child’s throwing, whether it be mechanics, arm strength, and most importantly arm care!!