Athletes receiving pitching instruction on proper warm ups.
Our pitching instruction teaches you the value of warming up before practice or a game.

Pitching instruction from our team uses science to help pitchers of all levels improve their health and performance. One important aspect of our program for pitchers is learning how to warm up your body before pitching. In this article, we’ll explain why warming up is important for baseball pitchers.

Why Our Pitching Instruction Includes Warm Up Blocks

Whether you learn our program through clinics, individual instruction, or through our online membership, you may have noticed we teach pitching warm up exercises. There is a scientific reason for this.

Warm up exercises do several key things for your body, including:

  • Increase core temperature
  • Boost blood flow and circulation
  • Reduce lactic acid levels in the muscles
  • Increase range of motion
  • Improve joint stability

Essentially, warm up exercises help prepare your muscles for high level activity like pitching in a baseball game or during practice.

To illustrate why it’s usually better to warm up before pitching, you can try a little experiment. Take a rubber band and place it in the freezer so it gets really cold. Then, try to stretch it. What you will probably discover is that the rubber band may not stretch very far or might even break when you try. However, when you let it get back to room temperature, you’ll find that the rubber band works normally again.

Your muscles, tendons, and ligaments are like the frozen rubber band without proper warm up. Your body may not work as effectively if you haven’t warmed up your muscles and prepared them for the stresses of pitching. This can lead to lower performance, like not being able to reach your potential pitching velocity. It may also increase your risk for injuries.

Why the Right Warm Ups Are Important for All Pitchers

Of course, not every warm up regimen will be the right fit for pitchers. That’s why our pitching instruction includes warm up exercises specifically designed for pitchers and rotational athletes.

Our warm ups are for pitchers of all ages to help them get ready for throwing, including proper arm care to help protect your arm and shoulder while pitching.

A good warm up routine for pitchers has many benefits. One is that it can help your body get ready for optimal performance so you can compete at your highest level.

However, another reason to do a proper warm up based on our pitching instruction is for health and safety. Warming up your body before pitching may help reduce the risk of injuries, which is important for players of all ages, from Little League and high school pitching athletes to professional players.

During your physical warm up, you may also be able to take some time to get mentally prepared. This is also an important part of being a pitcher. Therefore, it’s essential to set aside some time before every practice and game to get properly warmed up, no matter your age or competition level as a pitcher.

Enhance Your Game with National Pitching

Our team at National Pitching helps pitchers improve their health, safety, and performance. Our program is 100% backed by science and based on over 50 years of coaching experience. It’s the only program of its kind designed by Tom House, the father of modern pitching mechanics, to help rotational athletes. Get started with our elite pitching program today! Find a coach near you or purchase a V.I.P. membership for access to our comprehensive online training materials.