Region Director

Steve Nelson
Steve Nelson
Location: Utah
Phone: 801-367-6822

Utah Pitching Academy (UPA) is the Mountain West regional home of Tom House Sports – National Pitching (THS-NPA) and of Regional Director Steve Nelson, who has been with the organization throughout its history since 2001.

UPA provides the full THS-NP program to youth and adult pitchers of all skill levels.

UPA also serves catchers and all baseball/softball position players to improve their health and throwing performance.

Players and parents in Utah and surrounding states seeking training, and coaches who wish to become associated with THS-NPA, may find more information at UtahPitching.com or contact Coach Steve directly using the contact information above.

Associate Coaches

Jordan Oseguera
Jordan Oseguera
Location: Salt Lake City, UT
Phone: 801-414-0840

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