Each of our regional directors and coaches receive extensive training to become certified in the National Pitching program so they can offer advanced pitching instruction to athletes of all skill levels. We offer regular pitching camps and clinics, private and group pitching instruction, and organization instructions throughout the nation to help pitchers improve their game and reach their potential. Our coaches work with players of all ages, including youth athletes, high school athletes, college athletes, and professional athletes.

Visit your local region page to learn more about your local coaches and upcoming events, as well as to get involved in the National Pitching program. We have certified professionals in the following regions:

National Pitching RegionsWe use 100% scientifically tested and measurable training protocols to help athletes enhance their game and achieve their goals. Our program puts athletes in charge of their own progress by giving them a toolkit for success. All our regional directors and coaches teach the same National Pitching program based on research and studies about how players can attain top physical, mental, and emotional condition and throw with mechanical efficiency. At National Pitching, we are here to make a difference on and off the field and to provide specialized training based on the unique needs of pitchers and other rotational athletes. Our program focuses on all levels of the Tom House Sports Pitcher’s Health and Performance Matrix Platform to suit the needs of pitchers of all ages and skill levels.