Who do you coach?

Our coaches train youth, high school, college, and professional pitchers to increase pitching velocity and accuracy while staying injury-free.

How old does an athlete have to be to begin the NPA program?

We train pitchers of all ages and skill levels. The main thing our coaches look for in athletes who want to train with us is the physical and mental maturity to be able to take part in our program. Generally, most of our youth trainees start at 9-10 years old, but our coaches treat each athlete as an individual, as we know biological age may differ from chronological age.

Can parents attend?

Yes! Most of our programs are set up for parent attendance. We encourage parents of pitchers to attend to learn the topics and information and be able to support their athletes at home.

How do I get started in the National Pitching program?

For in-person instruction, contact a National Pitching coach near you or check out our events page. We also offer online membership with an online library of training videos for our pitching program.

How do I find camps and clinics near me?

Check out our events page for upcoming camps, clinics, and events in your area.

How much does NPA training cost?

Pricing for camps, clinics, and instruction varies. Contact your nearest NPA coach to learn more.

Tom House Methodology FAQs

What is different about the Tom House methodology?

Our program is the only pitching program certified by the Institutional Review Board and is also the only program 100% scientifically proven and measured. We offer health first, performance second instruction to help athletes stay safe and injury-free.

Why do a pre-program pitching evaluation?

Our initial evaluations help us learn who our students are and their player signatures. We use motion analysis, capacity training, vector analysis, and/or behavioral assessments to determine how to best train the athlete as an individual and address any weaknesses.

Why work with National Pitching?

National Pitching uses over 50 years of scientific research and coaching experience to master information and techniques so we can better train rotational athletes. Our nationwide program is one of the most respected and recognized pitching programs and is based on research and studies from many organizations, including our organization and the Rod Dedeaux Research for Baseball Institute. We also have an advisory board full of specialists to help us create the best program for pitchers.