National Pitching client showcase

The client showcase is a limited subset of our clients with different backgrounds and stories.  We have showcase stories from high school pitchers to hall of famers who have a unique story to tell.  The path to success is not always a straight line, but with NPA as a partner each athlete develops a winning process.  The common theme among all these clients is persistence and the desire to realize their dream.

Nolan ryan 1989-1993

Nolan Ryan is a living legend in baseball.  He joined the Texas Rangers at age 42 and began an extraordinary run that will likely never be matched.

Tom House developed training methods that allowed Nolan to play until age 46.

Coach: Tom House

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Jose Berrios 2022-present


2022 was a down year for Jose with an ERA of 5.23 it was a season that he did not want to repeat.  It was time for a change.

Jose Berrios began training with National Pitching after the 2022 season and improved his ERA to 3.65 in 2023.

Coaches:  Robert Ambrose, Tom House

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julian harris-Western Michigan

When life throws your curveballs you find out what your made of.  Julian is overcoming obstacles and showing the world that you can realize your dreams even though adversity.

Coaches: Greg Write, Tom House, Robert Ambrose

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Mike elias orioles gm

Mike Elias is the general manager of the Baltimore Orioles. He was named MLB’s Executive of the Year in 2023. As a pitcher at Yale in 2003, Mike interned for Tom House in San Diego, and Tom remains a mentor to him to this day. 

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Shane greene 2022-Present

Shane Greene wanted to get back to the show so in 2022 he became an NPA client. 

Read about his journey back to the MLB and his experience training with National Pitching to become a starting pitcher.

Coaches: Robert Ambrose, Tom House

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Joe haumacher

Princeton pitching coach

Haumacher spent four years working with world-renowned pitching guru Tom House and the National Pitching Association at the University of Southern California. As a rotational athlete specialist, Haumacher worked with several professional baseball players, including Jaime Garcia, Jason Hammel and Ryan Sherriff, guiding them through arm rehabilitations, training regimens and delivery adjustments. 

Coach: Tom House

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Cole Hamels 1996-2020

Cole Hamels had an excellent 14 year career as an MLB pitcher.

His journey with National Pitching started at age 11 and began with his mother trying to find a coach who could help her injured son.

Coaches: Tom House, Randy Wishmyer

Joey Steele 2009 -Present

Joey Steele has been fortunate to work directly with Tom House since he was 9 years old.

Joey is working daily to complete his journey to the MLB.

Coaches: Tom House, Randy Wishmyer

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Randy Johnson

Randy Johnson was not always the dominant pitcher we know and love.

Tom House was integral in his development as an effective pitcher.  Regardless of your level of play National Pitching can help you become more effective.

Coach: Tom House

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Sawyer Gipson-Long 2020-Present

Sawyer Gipson-Long became an NPA client in 2020.

Read about his journey to the big leagues and how the National Pitching program helped him to develop into a starting pitcher for the Detroit Tigers.

Coaches: Robert Ambrose, Tom House, Ryan Sullins

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Connor shouse 2019-present
Pickens County Ga High School

Connor Shouse began training with National Pitching his freshman year in high school.

Fast forward to his senior year, and after many lessons and countless reps he has topped 98 MPH and is a top draft prospect.

Coach: Robert Ambrose

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Mark Moclair 2022-present

Mark Moclair has an all too familiar story.  Mark was a highly touted prospect and was drafted by the Astros, but was subsequently released due to an injury.

He has tried every other programs before training with National Pitching where he found a program that allows him to pitch without pain and throw gas!

Coaches: Robert Ambrose, Tom House

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Justin courtney 2020-present

Justin Courtney was back home in Bangor when he found Mustard and National Pitching.  Justin wanted to learn about how to become a coach.

He never expected the journey that training with National Pitching would take him on!

Coaches: Tom House, various NPA Coaches

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Brendan White 2020-present

Brendan White was a late bloomer, but stuck to his dream of playing professional baseball.

Brendan has trained with National Pitching to help him take the final step into the majors.  His journey is inspiring and is a lesson for anyone who is not at the top of the growth curve!

Coach: Randy Wishmyer

Ian Kennedy 2001-Present

Ian Kennedy began his training with National Pitching at 16 years old.

Tom House saw something in Ian and with the right training and guidance he has had a fantastic pitching career.

Coach: Tom House, Randy Wishmyer

Cam Brown 2020-present

Cam Brown was a great athlete that was not getting everything out of his body.  Working with the NPA gave Cam the boost he needed to make the transition to professional baseball.

Coach: Tom House, various NPA Coaches

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