The National Pitching program is a health first, performance second pitching program designed to help players improve their game and increase pitching velocity. Crafted by Tom House, PhD, our program is based on over 50 years of scientific research and coaching experience to address every part of player health and performance. Our pitching program is the only Institutional Review Board certified program of its kind.

Our coaches are spread throughout the United States and offer pitching training camps, clinics, and lessons throughout each region for players to enhance their game and get the pitching edge they need to progress.

At National Pitching, our pitcher-specific program helps address the unique needs of rotational athletes to help them gain velocity, increase functional strength, and reduce the risk of injuries. We teach rotational athletes proper mechanics, functional strength conditioning, nutrition, and mental management strategies to help them succeed in the game.

We believe in giving players a toolkit for success and putting them in control of their own progress. Therefore, we teach athletes training fundamentals that will help them develop their pitching abilities for months and years to come. Our coaches act as mentors to help players on and off the field.

Our professional coaches learn and master instruction techniques to help ensure each athlete receives the information and instruction they need to improve health and performance. We work with athletes of all ages and skill levels to help them progress both on and off the mound.

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