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Mental Management


Transform Your Pitching to a completely new level! Attend one of our 3-Day Coaching Clinics and get the same training that our pros have access to! IN JUST A FEW DAYS ADD VELOCITY, FIX YOUR MECHANICS, IMPROVE COMMAND, BUILD STRENGTH AND THROW WITHOUT PAIN! Get over 18 hours of the most elite instruction from the best pitching teachers in the country! You’ll get individual instruction to better your mechanics, improve your strength and throw harder. And each athlete gets one-on-one bullpen sessions with the coaches. Each pitcher will also receive a personal set of weighted balls, a set of our patented elastic cords, and a take-home program on how best to utilize them for long-term strength and durability. Elite clinics are led by coach Charlie Nootbaar. Elite Pitching Clinics
coach clinic

Athlete and Coach Performance Clinic (Athletes can register/train as well!)

Transform your program with, Healthier Arms, Higher Velocities, Better Functional Strength and Better Mental Preparedness! SPEND 3 DAYS WITH TOM HOUSE, DEAN DOXAKIS, ROBERT AMBROSE AND OTHER NPA STAFF! This clinic is designed to help coaches of all levels bring a health first performance training program to their athletes. Our program is designed to help every athlete on the team, not just pitchers. This is a great opportunity for coaches to gather the best information or start the process of becoming a NPA Certified Coach (further training and testing is required before certification). Coach and Athlete clinics are led by Tom House, Dean Doxakis, and Robert Ambrose. Athlete and Coach Performance Clinic

S.T.A.T. Clinics

This clinic is designed to Screen, Test, Assess, and Train. Athletes will go through our proprietary Point in Time Velocity Capacity testing process. From the data we collect, we can identify exactly an athlete’s current and potential velocity capacity. If an athlete is not currently reaching his/her capacity, we can identify and isolate which weak link is contributing to that failure. This testing specifically addresses the functional strength and speed threshold component of velocity capacity. Athletes will also receive lectures on Biomechanics, Functional fitness, Nutrition, and Mental/Emotional management. S.T.A.T. Clinics

2 Day Skill Camps

Skill camps are heavy on application and are designed to improve your understanding of what it takes to be more effective in the game. Skill camps are for pitchers and catchers who will refine their skills and learn techniques to raise your game to new heights. Athletes will get a S.T.A.T Lite test, video analysis and lectures on Biomechanics, Functional fitness, Nutrition, Mental/Emotional management and strategy and tactics. 2 Day Skill Camps