Pitching Camps & ClinicsAt our National Pitching camps and clinics, athletes can learn and progress more quickly by participating in small group instruction. Players receive general group instruction, one-on-one individualized coaching, and also learn from other pitchers. We address each athlete’s particular needs to help them improve without taking away what makes them unique as a pitcher.

Our National Pitching camps offer comprehensive training on the entire National Pitching program with training duration and intensity adjusted for the players’ maturity and skill level. However, every athlete, from youth to professionals, receives the same specialized training 100% based on scientific research to help them improve pitching velocity while staying injury-free.

Clinics taught by our coaches at National Pitching provide specialized training on specific techniques and methods in our pitching program. Our coaches host clinics for everything from conditioning to pitching mechanics and arm care to help athletes receive the additional instruction they need for success. All our lessons are based on the National Pitching program, which is the only pitching program certified by the Institutional Review Board.

At National Pitching, we are dedicated to helping athletes of all skill levels realize their potential on and off the field. Therefore, our coaches put players in charge of their own future progress by providing them with a toolkit of fundamentals they can use to continually work toward becoming the best player they can be.

To sign up for one of our National Pitching camps or clinics, browse our events page and find a pitching coach near you to get started!

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