Conventional Wisdom vs ScienceSome conventional wisdom that we’ve disproved through research and study includes:

Pulling glove to body
Many pitching coaches out there claim that rotational athletes should be pulling glove to body. However, motion analysis of the best professional pitchers shows that they actually bring their body forward to meet their glove. This helps athletes maximize their release point distance to pitch at higher velocities.

Create a downward angle
Another unfounded claim is that pitchers should create a downward angle by increasing release point height. Changing an athlete’s arm position reduces the release point distance. This puts the upper body in a poor position which can decrease late ball movement and pitching velocity. Instead, our coaches teach efficient biomechanical sequencing to create a downward motion, rather than a downward angle, to improve pitcher health and performance.

Common False Conventional Wisdoms:

  • Stall Tall and Fall – Elite pitchers lead with their front hip, not fall with shoulders
  • Stay back for better balance – Elite pitcher begin forward movement immediately
  • Don’t stride across your body – 70% of MLB pitcher stride closed
  • Shorten your stride – Elite pitchers are 6-7ft into stride
  • Pull your glove down – Elite pitchers stabilize their gloves in front of their body into release
  • Reach back – Arm position at footstrike is a player signature, not a biomechnic
  • Tilt over – Elite pitchers release the ball with their eyes level.

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