Tom House talking to pitcher about S.T.A.T. testing for pitching velocity capacity
S.T.A.T. testing helps us assess your pitching velocity and identify ways you can improve.

Many pitchers want to improve their performance and increase pitching velocity. Unfortunately, there’s a lot of misinformation out there about how to achieve this. It’s important to understand that there is no one-size-fits-all approach. That’s why we have developed exclusive solutions to gather data about individual pitchers. This allows us to provide them with customized recommendations for improving performance. In this article, we’ll discuss S.T.A.T. and Point in Time Velocity Capacity testing from our experts and why these tests are helpful for pitchers.

What is Pitching Velocity Capacity? How Does S.T.A.T. Testing Work?

Here at National Pitching, we’ve developed a lot of proprietary technologies to help pitchers improve. Our program is based on decades of research from Tom House and other experts. House himself has spent many years gathering data about pitching. For instance, he first started using motion analysis for pitchers back in 1970 with cameras using 6mm film. Also, he has used data from some of the best pitchers alive to identify what makes pitchers successful.

As technology has advanced, we have harnessed it to find ways to help players improve. Some elements of performance our program may help with include pitching velocity, command, and biomechanics.

Today, we use motion analysis for many types of tests, including S.T.A.T. testing. This test uses special computer software to evaluate data from you throwing pitches. The program looks at many different aspects of your performance and gives you valuable insights. For instance, testing can estimate your current safe pitching velocity capacity and current velocity. It also gives you a reading of maximum velocity with perfect mechanics as something to aspire to.

S.T.A.T. stands for:

  • Screening weak links
  • Testing for Point in Time Velocity Capacity
  • Assessing for efficiency of movement, strength, and flexibility
  • Training for efficient movement, muscle balance, pitching velocity, and neuro-muscular speed thresholds

As you can see, this test looks at many things. The software uses decades of research and data from other players to look at your performance and provide custom training recommendations. We can perform this test for athletes of all ages, from youth pitching level to MLB stars.

Benefits of S.T.A.T. Testing for Improved Pitching Performance

S.T.A.T. testing offers many benefits for pitchers. First, you get information based on data from your current pitching performance about your estimated current and future capacity. In addition, you receive recommendations for how to improve. For example, your report might recommend working on functional strength to achieve your safe velocity goal, while another player may need to work on mechanics to achieve their goal.

So, how do you get a S.T.A.T. test? The fastest way is to contact one of our certified coaches and make an appointment for testing. We also offer this testing option as part of S.T.A.T. clinics, which include not only analysis and testing, but also provide valuable pitching lessons on everything from nutrition to biomechanics.

From there, you can continue the National Pitching program in many different ways. One option is to get in touch with one of our coaches in regions across the nation. Additionally, we offer remote coaching and training videos to help players improve. You can use the Mustard App, which offers some amazing success stories for players of all skill levels.

Understanding where you are gives you a sense of where you’re going and how to get there. S.T.A.T. testing from our team can help you create a roadmap for improvement.

Science-Backed Pitching Lessons and Programs from National Pitching – Tom House Sports

At National Pitching, we offer a science-backed program for pitchers. Our program uses years of research on pitching performance and improvement. Developed by Tom House, the father of modern pitching mechanics, this program can help pitchers of all ages gain a toolkit for improvement and success. Start our program by finding a certified coach near you or joining our V.I.P. membership for access to an exclusive virtual library of training materials.

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