Arm Care & RecoveryAs pitchers increase pitching velocity, they can be more at risk for injury without the proper techniques and arm care. In addition to proper mechanics and functional strength, athletes must perform proper arm care to not only throw faster, but also to remain injury-free.
National Pitching arm care warm up videos help your muscles, tendons, and ligaments prepare for the intense and repetitive motions involved in pitching. “Cold throwing” can hinder your performance on the mound and make your shoulder, elbow, and other areas more vulnerable to injury. Using our dynamic stretches and exercises designed specifically for pitchers, athletes can warm up properly before a game to enhance their pitching skills and stay healthy.

After a game, recovery procedures help your body and arm transition from the high-intensity activity back to your normal, more restful state. Recovery procedures from the National Pitching video library are an important part of arm care and injury prevention. These activities help prevent inflammation and soreness and can help promote faster, more effective recovery between games.

Stay Injury-Free with NPA Arm Care Program

Pitching without proper arm care can lead to a variety of injuries, including shoulder and elbow damage. In some cases, these injuries can be severe enough to decommission a player for weeks, months, or even for a lifetime. Therefore, athletes of all ages and levels must practice proper arm care to prevent injuries while pitching.

Younger pitchers often experience elbow injuries that can even affect their growth plates. These issues can affect growth rate and even bone shape as they grow. As athletes get older and stronger and start to pitch at higher velocities, they’re more prone to shoulder injuries like rotator cuff damages that sometimes require surgery to repair. Arm care and recovery protocols in addition to proper mechanics and functional strength help prevent these problems and help you enhance pitching performance.

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