pitching mechanicsWith over 50 years of scientific research and coaching experience behind the National Pitching program, we offer advanced training and instruction to address the specific needs of pitchers and other rotational athletes. Our educational videos and virtual drills help teach you the best mechanics for throwing without impacting your player signature.

Mechanical inefficiencies put unnecessary stress on your body and stop you from reaching your velocity capacity. Therefore, our virtual pitching program helps you address these biomechanical vulnerabilities so you can increase pitching velocity while remaining injury-free.

Understanding Proper Pitching Mechanics

Understanding biomechanics helps pitchers throw harder easier by using mechanically efficient movements to reduce stress on the arm, joints, and body overall. Our videos teach you practical ways on how to transfer energy from your body to the ball for faster, harder, more accurate pitches.

At National Pitching, we’ve done extensive scientific research to learn the best ways for athletes to convert kinetic energy (the energy your body has during motion) to angular momentum and torque for high velocity, controlled pitches. Techniques that maximize this energy transfer also help athletes have a stronger, more stable shoulder complex to help prevent injuries and improve pitching recovery.

Our specialized video drills help you improve every part of your pitching delivery and teach you muscle memory to improve your timing, mechanics, and pitching sequence. With our engaging biomechanics pitching instruction videos, National Pitching helps you improve both health and performance over time using physics and scientific research.

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