Youth Pitching - National Pitching Tom House SportsHave your mechanics analyzed by one of our certified coaches, personally trained by Tom House.

Choose between our two session options

  • 30 minute Session – A quick overview of your video and pitching sequence, focusing on the key biomechanical variables that will most benefit you, with suggestions for improvement.  Great for beginners!
  • 60 minute Session – A thorough review of your biomechanical sequence, covering 9 key biomechanical variables that can effect health and performance. Each step of the sequence will be reviewed and compared to proper movement and timing. A biomechanical improvement plan will be established during the session.

How It Works

  1. Purchase a remote session.
  2. Request a coach or have one assigned to you
  3. Once we receive your request, we will send you a link to upload your video.
  4. Your coach will contact you to set up a time for your session.
Become a member and save! Ask your coach for the discount code!

Memberships provide the training tools to continue your development.  Problem identification is only half the battle!  You are only as efficient as your worst movement and only as strong as your weakest link!

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