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To be a successful pitcher at any level of the game requires you to be in top physical condition, mentally tough, and emotionally calm. At National Pitching, we focus on strength and conditioning techniques that enhance skills and reduce the incidence of injuries, as well as mental/emotional practices that build confidence.

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NP Pitching Camps

Get pitcher-specific instruction and training through lectures, on-field drill work and more from the best baseball coaches.

Regional Instruction

Work on existing skills, master new pitches, improve your mental game. Our Regional Directors and Associate Coaches are the best coaches around.

Year-Round Training

Attend one-on-one lessons, small group lessons, sign up for a specialized camp and get daily workouts with us.

Why National Pitching? We’ve worked with the best.

We train pitchers and rotational athletes from the MLB, PGA, NFL, and every level in between who are deeply committed to improving their skills and to staying in the game longer. Tom House, NP founder and former pitching coach for several Major League Baseball teams, has been introducing innovative techniques since working with Nolan Ryan in the mid-1980's. Now, through the NP’s network of Regional Directors and Associate Coaches, National Pitching training is available to even more athletes throughout the U.S.

For many of the best pitchers, and other rotational athletes including football quarterbacks and golfers, Tom House is the go-to expert. Learn more about Tom and watch “The Throwing Doctor,” produced by the Mandt Bros.

Tom House breaks down Aroldis Chapman’s 105 mph pitches.

Watch House explain how Aroldis Chapman consistently threw 100+ mph pitches. From his height to his stride to his release point and more, House explains how Chapman does it and why he could potentially be the “hardest throwing individual that’s ever been on this planet.”

From “Sports Science: Aroldis Chapman,” ESPN.

Tom's emphasis on functional fitness addresses mechanics and training strategy: No wasted movement and no wasted time, transferring benefits gained in the training room to the pitching mound. You’re getting state-of-the-art and science conditioning ideas for a successful, long pitching career. You’ll find effective and efficient pitcher-specific exercises, drills, workouts, and programs, and you’ll get insights-such as when a sore arm is an injured arm—that will help get you healthy, if necessary, and will keep you healthy.

Randy Johnson, MLB pitcher and Baseball Hall of Famer

Are you ready to become an even better pitcher? We’re ready for you.

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