National Pitching AssociationPitching requires quick bursts of strength to throw a baseball effectively. Therefore, our NPA virtual pitcher strength training program shows you how to do just that with workouts and training protocols backed by science and certified by the Institutional Review Board. Our program prepares you to perform your best on the mound and gain strength on the off season.

Gain Functional Strength & Flexibility

At National Pitching, we talk a lot about functional strength, which is training and improving your ability to pitch and enhance pitching velocity and accuracy. Our baseball training videos include strength training exercises and techniques for your whole body to help you put power behind your pitches.

Another important part of becoming a successful pitcher is attaining flexibility and range of motion to help you use correct pitching mechanics. At National Pitching, our videos also include workouts designed to increase flexibility and stability to prevent injuries and help you pitch better.

Conventional strength training programs for baseball players include static stretches, which can actually create instability. Instead, the National Pitching program includes dynamic stretches and other conditioning protocols to help improve range of motion and strength for rotational athletes. Players practicing these pitcher-specific strength training and flexibility protocols can increase pitching velocity.

Progressing in the game and fine-tuning your skills requires year-round conditioning and training to get in the best physical condition possible. Our videos address off-season workouts, pre-season preparation training, and in-season conditioning. Following the National Pitching strength training videos helps you throughout each phase of the year to help you get the pitching edge you need.

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