arm careResting after an injury is critical for your body to mend and to prevent further damage. However, long periods of rest can also reduce muscle tone, flexibility, and endurance. Our arm care program for pitching injuries help you ease back into pitching and regain the strength, motion, and confidence in your arm.

Our National Pitching arm care program helps you return to pitching and help reduce the chance of re-injury. Once the pain is gone after rest, following the arm care videos for pitching injuries will help you rehabilitate your arm and get ready to return to the mound.

Arm Care Program for Pitching Injuries

Without the proper arm care after your pitching injury, you could be at risk of further injury or even reoccurring injuries. Eventually, this stress can put you out of the game entirely. Our National Pitching videos are here to help you prevent that from happening and return to normal as soon as possible while maintaining health and safety.

Our injury management video library is designed for the unique needs of injured pitchers to help them get back in the game. Once you’re ready to start your return to pitching program, the National Pitching arm care program for pitching injuries will help you gradually get back into pitching and return to the level you were before the injury.

Sometimes injuries just happen, but most often they’re a result of poor mechanics, overuse, or improper preparation. After an injury and return to pitching program, make sure you also prevent future problems with proper pitching protocols for mechanics and functional strength. At National Pitching, we are a health first program to help you stay injury-free while enhancing performance.

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