Our son has been working with Coach Ryan at Precision Pitching for the past 9 years. We first meet Coach Ryan when our son was 9 years old and he is going to be a HS Senior this fall. Because of the training and coaching our son has received he is now looking at playing baseball in college and beyond! Our son’s dream of playing college or beyond would not have been possible without the training from a Coach like Ryan. He was able to see our son’s talent, ability, and shear love for the game of baseball. Coach Ryan helped him put it all together with arm care, which has always been a very important part of our son’s mission. He didn’t want to hurt or injure his arm because of bad mechanics, so we looked for a coach that would be able to help him all aspects of pitching. Our son and Coach Ryan hit it off right away and it is great to watch the two of them work thru a lesson. As a parent it is the greatest thing to watch your child come into their own by putting in the work and seeing the results. Coach Ryan truly cares about all his student athletes and their success both on the filed and in life.

When our son was 9/10 years old he had several coaches from his little league tell him ‘yeah he throws hard, but he can’t pitch’; this bothered him as these same coaches refused to work, practice or teach him what he was doing wrong. Our son wanted more, we knew as his parents that we did not know enough about pitching to help him. So one night we sat down and googled “pitching coaches/camps near me” and up came Coach Ryan’s website. We have not regretted making that phone call and getting our son the “more” he wanted. We remind him when he gets frustrated or discouraged. ‘Remember the 9/10 year old that just wanted to pitch? Practice, work hard, and play for the love of game – pay for him’. We call Coach Ryan “the Pitcher whisperer” because he speaks “pitcher” to our son. Our son appreciated the fact that Coach Ryan was willing and quickly put together the zoom lessons and training. He looks forward to getting his video analysis from Coach to see what he improved on and what still needs some work. It is great to see him taking the reigns and putting in the work to become the best pitcher he can.

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