My son JT has been in the National Pitching Program with Coach Lou for 2—almost 3 years now and I want to tell you a little bit about what the program’s done for him. Probably one of the biggest is arm care and it really teaches the program that it goes through for arm care has been phenomenal. It never fails, no matter if it’s spring, summer, or fall. Whatever team he’s on, my son is on, there’s always several players who miss time because of a hurt or sore arm from pitching. My son has never had any issues with that whatsoever, not even a sore arm, hurt, he’s missed no practices, no games, no kind of competition, because of, you know, arm care. So, that’s proven to be very successful. The other part is, that he’s benefited from, is understanding pitching. And what I mean by that is when he’s out on the mound, and there is some problem, where something that’s not going right, he knows what he needs to do to fix it. The program, and Coach Lou when he goes through it, he understands what everything does and what the effect is. So understanding that if you do a certain thing, what the outcome is, you know how to fix it. And he can fix it on his own in a game, and doesn’t need to have a constant reminder what to do to fix certain problems. So just understanding the pitching, you know, and the detail and level of knowledge that the program and Coach Lou has given him, has been invaluable. Um, and you know speaking of that, I guess that’s the other part too, is the coaching, you know, it’s very customized. So, it’s not trying to force my son into doing something that it’s not who he is. He has a natural arm slot. They don’t try to change that. They try to make his style match what he has the ability for and what’s natural for him. So that’s been really helpful, and what’s it’s done is it’s helped his confidence and it’s not asking him to do something that’s unnatural. And, you know, I guess in part of that too is that you can’t not talk about performance. And that’s probably another big piece of what my son has gained from the National Pitching Program is the performance. Not only just velocity, the velocity has increased significantly, but his accuracy has too. And it’s amazing how the two are tied together, at least for my son. Once the velocity started to go up, so has his accuracy. So, you know, you put that, you know, all together, and it’s made him a much much better and successful pitcher. The other part too is, I think with this program is it’s really shown my son that if you put the work in, you reap the reward. So you gotta put the work in, but the reward is tremendous. And I really enjoy that to see him understand that you put the hard work in, and there is a reward that you get back. So, you always hear that the adage of trust the process. That could not be more true in this situation is that you listen to what you’re told and do what you’re told, good things happen and you’ll be successful. So, uh I just wanted to share what the National Pitching Program and Coach Lou have done for my son and thank you.