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Youth pitching athletes may be vulnerable to fatigue if they play year-round or overlapping seasons.

Youth pitching is a great way to help young athletes improve their skills. It can also help players gain confidence on and off the field. However, it’s also important to understand the drawbacks of overworking young pitchers. Pitching too much can create repetitive stress on the arm and body. In this article, we’ll discuss pitching and fatigue. We will also explain why practices like overlapping seasons, playing on multiple teams at a time, and year-round pitching may not be the best option for your young athlete.

Beware of Fatigue in Youth Pitching

Fatigue is a serious problem for pitchers. Fatigue can decrease performance and may increase the risk for injuries. That is why many leagues have developed maximum pitch counts for days, seasons, and the year as a whole. Many youth pitching athletes today pitch more and more often than currently recommended by sports medicine specialists. This may contribute to fatigue-related issues. Overuse and lack of rest can seriously impact arm health and pitching performance. That’s why our pitching instruction also includes information on arm care and rest.

The Problem with Year-Round Pitching and Overlapping Seasons

Many young players today pitch nearly year-round. It’s not unheard of for kids to pitch on multiple teams per season, multiple seasons per year, and sometimes overlapping seasons. Now, you might be thinking, “practice makes perfect.” However, this can actually be harmful for players because of fatigue.

 In addition, playing in many different leagues and teams at the same time or even throughout the year can make it difficult to keep track of pitch counts and rest periods. Collaborating between several different coaches at a time for pitch counts likely falls on the parents and can be hard to do. Therefore, in many cases it may not make sense for your youth pitching athlete to pitch multiple seasons and teams throughout the year.

At National Pitching, we recognize that everyone is different and there is no one-size-fits-all approach to improving pitching performance. That’s why we personalize pitching instruction to each player. Therefore, it’s important to note that there may be some situations where your young pitcher may be able to play another season. The key is to consult with experts and really evaluate the benefits and risks. There are some reasons it might make sense for a pitcher to play another season in the year. For instance, if the pitcher sat out most of the last season, such as due to an injury that is now fully healed. Another reason it might make sense for your child is if they are going to be playing a different position. Though, once again, it’s important to think about your child’s individual circumstances.

National Pitching – Pitching Instruction for All Skill Levels

At National Pitching, we offer health-first, science-backed instruction for pitchers. Tom House, the “father of modern pitching mechanics,” developed our pitching program. The program helps rotational athletes improve performance. Whether you’re looking to improve mechanics, pitching velocity, or arm care, our team is here to help. Get started today by finding a National Pitching coach near you or enrolling in our V.I.P. online access membership.

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