Young pitcher in ideal set position after youth pitching instruction
Youth pitchers need to find their ideal set position to properly establish balance and posture so they can deliver a great pitch.

Proper set position is one of the keys to success for young pitchers. It helps with balance, control, and performance on the mound. An ideal set position will make you more effective when throwing and improve how hitters view and respond to you as a pitcher. When it comes to youth pitching, proper training and technique can make all the difference in a young athlete’s performance. Our coaches help young pitchers harness their full power and improve their accuracy by focusing on proper form and technique. Find a coach near you or sign up for a membership to take advantage of our pitching expertise.  

Set Position Determines the Balance and Posture Necessary to Deliver the Pitch

As a pitcher, the way you position yourself on the mound can make all the difference in your accuracy and effectiveness. Even slight nuances in your balance or posture can significantly affect the power and trajectory of your pitch. By mastering the set position, pitchers can set themselves up for success with every pitch they make. In the set position, a pitcher stands facing the batter with their pivot foot in contact with the pitcher’s plate, holding the ball in both hands in front of their body and coming to a complete stop. 

This position is the moment where you establish your foundation and prepare for the pitch. Getting your head over your belly button, and your feet in an athletic position, is crucial to creating the best possible balance. Bend your knees enough not to drop or raise your body position during your delivery. Position the front leg (left leg for a righthanded pitcher) so that the arch of your front foot aligns with the arch (middle) of your back foot. Your feet should be slightly narrower than the width of your shoulders, and your front shoulder should be slightly closed and match the angle of your feet. We’ve found that placing pitchers in a proper set position has increased velocity without making any mechanical changes.

Tom House often reminds athletes that changing a body position takes one repetition, but it may take thousands of reps to change a movement. Regarding posture, you need a proper spine-to-hip angle that stabilizes your head throughout the delivery, allowing for optimal control and accuracy.

Youth Pitching Adjustments for Ideal Balance and Posture in the Set Position

As a youth pitcher, achieving the ideal balance and posture in the set position is crucial for delivering accurate and powerful pitches. This requires making adjustments that suit your body’s unique build and strengths. By developing an ideal set position, you can improve your pitching skills and become a formidable force on the mound.

These adjustments may include the following:

  • Eyes level to the horizon
  • Head position 15 degrees or less off center
  • Head towards the baseball side of your body, not the back side
  • Feet spread armpit-width with the knees slightly bent
  • Back toe lined up with the front arch

Helping Youth Pitchers Increase Velocity and Functional Strength

For young athletes, pitching is a challenge to master. We specialize in helping youth pitchers develop skills and increase their velocity and functional strength. The key to improving these key factors is paying close attention to mechanical inefficiencies in their pitching technique. We can help young players unleash their full potential on the field by identifying and eliminating these inefficiencies. With our expertise and guidance, youth pitchers can improve their performance and take their game to the next level.

Youth Pitching Instruction – the Tom House Method

 Our evidence-based instructional techniques make us an invaluable resource for any youth pitcher looking to increase performance and longevity in the game. We firmly believe that health must always come first when dealing with youth pitching, and we go above and beyond to ensure coaches teach players in a safe environment with proper throwing mechanics.

 Whether you are just starting out in baseball or aiming to compete at the highest levels of the sport, our highly qualified experts can help you make measurable improvements in your technique, power, and speed. Schedule a pitching session with a coach today, or sign up for a membership with National Pitching.

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