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Pitching lessons help teach players proper throwing mechanics.

Many people are concerned about increases in elbow pain and injuries in youth pitchers. Pitching lessons aim to help players learn the proper way to pitch in an effort to help prevent injuries. In order to instruct pitchers correctly, first you must know what usually causes elbow pain and elbow injuries from pitching. Then, lessons can help players develop good habits while throwing. Naturally, there are many ways pitchers can injure their elbows while throwing. However, there are two main culprits behind elbow pain: overuse and improper biomechanics.

Overuse and Elbow Pain in Young Pitchers

Overexertion is a common cause of elbow pain in youth pitchers. If your player mentions elbow pain, then they may be pitching too much. In fact, young players are approximately 21% more likely to experience elbow pain if they throw between 50 and 74 pitches. For players throwing 75 to 99 this number goes up to 35% more likely to have elbow pain.

Elbow injuries are serious for any player, but especially for young pitchers. Improper pitching can harm the growth plate. Also, some studies suggest that UCL ruptures in adults could be a result of micro-tears that occurred during their younger years. Therefore, proper pitching and arm care is important for young players to help reduce the risk of pain and injury. Pitching lessons can help both players and parents learn how much is too much for a player’s level. These lessons can also help players improve their pitching mechanics.

Pitching Lessons to Help Encourage Proper Pitching Mechanics

Another common reason players experience pain is improper biomechanics while pitching. Pitching lessons can help players learn more efficient mechanics and techniques while throwing. Learning the right way to pitch can not only help young players improve their game, it can also help reduce stress on their arms and elbows.

Many pitching lessons designed for youth players are based on anecdotal evidence and are different from what professional pitchers learn. However, studies show that there’s really no difference among competition levels when it comes to biomechanics for joint angles and pitching timing. Therefore, pitching lessons for youth players should use the same biomechanical basics for every level.

Parents, players, and coaches can all benefit from learning the fundamentals of pitching. Pitching instruction can give players guidelines to help prevent overuse and poor pitching mechanics. This can help young players learn how to care for their arms and elbows and also encourage a focus on health, rather than putting undue stress on their joints, ligaments, muscles, and bones.

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