Towel Drills for Mechanical Efficiency & Pitching Velocity

If you want to improve pitching performance like pitching velocity and control, it’s essential to train your body for efficient mechanics and functional strength. One cross-specific training method for both mechanics and strength is the towel drill. We’ve found that towel drills are a really effective tool for all pitchers to use in deep training.

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High School Pitching & Weighted Baseball Training

High school pitching athletes are constantly looking for ways to improve performance. If you want to play college or pro ball, you might want to boost velocity. Many look to weighted baseball training programs to help increase pitching velocity and strength. However, there are some important points to keep in mind before you start using

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Using Pitching Velocity Effectively for Strikes

Improving pitching velocity is important, but equally important is using that velocity to your advantage. After all, a pitcher’s job is to get hitters out. Therefore, it’s important to learn and use strategies that can help increase the number of strikes you throw. Understanding effective velocity may help with this. In this article, we’ll go

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Pitching Lessons: Release Point Height & Distance

Have your previous pitching lessons included instruction to stay tall and get your hand up as high as possible during release? This is a common thing coaches teach to pitchers. However, it may not be the most efficient or effective strategy. When talking about release point height, we also need to discuss release distance. Increasing

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Does Stride Affect Pitching Velocity?

For many players, early trunk rotation or over rotation can reduce pitching velocity. A common misconception is that “striding straight” will help reduce the risk of early trunk rotation. However, is this true? Our research suggests this piece of advice might not be accurate. Is Pitching Velocity Affected by Stride Direction into Foot Strike? You

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Increase Pitching Velocity: Arm Health & Functional Strength

Want to increase your pitching velocity? Taking care of your arm and increasing functional strength are a great place to start! Improving velocity is hard work, and no mistake. However, work ethic isn’t the only thing in your toolkit for velocity training. Functional strength and arm care are the basics that great pitchers rely on.

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Youth Pitching: Equal & Opposite Elbow Angles

Every pitcher has a signature that’s unique to them. We believe in keeping that signature while teaching athletes efficient mechanics for velocity, control, and injury prevention. Unfortunately, many youth pitching coaches give instruction that can affect your young player’s signature. While well-intended, the advice to break the throwing hand toward second and glove to the

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